Winnik, Prof. Heinrich Zvi

Winnik, Prof. Heinrich Zvi

Born in Austria 1902
Immigrated to Palestine 1942
Died in Jerusalem in 1982 

Was President of IPS 1955-1970 with Erich Gumbel
Was Director of the three Menteal Health hospitals in Israel

Winnik, H. Z., Moses, R., & Ostow M. (1973). Psychological bases of war. New York, Quadrangle Press.

Winnik, H. Z. (1977). Milestones in the development of psychoanalysis in Israel. Isr. Annals. Psychiatry & Rel. Disc., 15:85-91.
 Born in Austria in 1902. Studied medicine in Bresalu, Germany (today Wrozlaw Poland), graduated in 1962.

Succeeded to immigrate to Palestine in 1942 during WWII, in the same year got an appointment to direct a metal health hospital in Bnei Brak “Bitan”, the name was changed to “Geah”.

In 1950 he was appointed medical director of Telabiah mental health hospital in Jerusalem. In 1954 was appointed associate professor in the Hbrew University in Jerusalem, and in 1972 – full professor. Wink continued to direct Talbiah till 1973, became consultant until he retired in 1980. 

He died in 1982 at the age of 80.

Scientific activity

Winik was the founder and editor of the “The Israel annals of psychiatry”. 

He was member of the royal society for medical psychology in London.

Was president of the psychiatric society in Israel between 1961-1964.


Expert Witness 

Winik served as expert witness in several major trials that got a lot of publicity in the early years of Israel.

Among them the Mandelbrot trial in 1952, Mira Arzi in 1956 Pola Eliaz trial in 1961, Michael Rohan trial 1969