Schossberger, Dr. Yanush

Schossberger, Dr. Yanush

Born in Budapest 1914
Immigrated to Palestine 1941
Died in Jerusalem 1986

The Janos A Schossberger Memorial Page(JA) (1914-1986)
My father, Jancsi, was a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, director of a mental hospital in Jerusalem (which he typically insisted on referring to as Work Village) from the early 50s until he retired unwillingly in 1979 at the age of 65. Admirer of admiration, of Mozart and Einstein, amateur and connoisseur of classical music, a prototype of aJewish refugee-emigrant, born in Budapest [to “physician Alexandru Schossberger, director of the pediatric polyclinic in the capital city of Banat Link]. 
Raised in the pre-Nazi European high-culture environment, studied medicine in Vienna, and then has chosen to (in fact, of course, was forced to) flee Europe, which he did on an illegal cargo ship, travelling on sea for four months to arrive in Palestine in the spring of 1941 just to be taken as prisoner to the British camp for illegal emigrants and stay there for two years. Then, as a physician in the service of the British army, he went to Egypt and Iraq. Then, in the mid 40s, he returned to settle in Palestine, then still under the British Mandate government (which persisted until spring 1948). 
On his gravestone is engraved (as he wished) “It was worthwhile”. Many a night in my childhood and youth he used to type various texts on his little mechanical typewriter. All in all he wrote a few hundred pages, a few of which have been published in professional publications. In google-search his name (Schossberger JA) produces a few items. 
Five of them are to be viewd through NCBI, 
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