The Society and The Institute

The Israel Psychoanalytic Society is a registered non-profit corporation and scientific organization that is an affiliate of the International Psychoanalytical Association. The society is governed by various committees, with the main one being the Executive Committee.

The Israel Psychoanalytic Society maintains the Max Eitingon Institute of Psychoanalysis. The Institute is the main academic arm of the Society and its’ aim is the provision of psychoanalytic training. The Society elects and appoints the Admissions Committee which is responsible for evaluating the applicants who want to train in psychoanalysis at the Institute. The candidates who study at the Institute are mental health specialists who training in psychoanalysis.

The Society elects and appoints a Training Committee which is responsible for the teaching and training of candidates in psychoanalysis, according to the by-laws of the Society. Over the last few years, the Training Committee has created changes in the philosophy and practice of the training process. The Training Committee meets every two months during the academic year. The daily ongoing functions are handled by several subcommittees, dealing respectively with curriculum, planning, evaluation, reviewing candidates’ final clinical case presentations, and a committee that reviews the training by-laws.

Qualified members of the Society serve as Supervising and Training Analysts. They are responsible for the training analyses of candidates and for the supervision of their analytic cases. The Supervising and Training Analyst is a member of the Society who has fulfilled all qualifying requirements according to the by-laws of the Society.