Yaros, Dr. Aryeh

Yaros, Dr. Aryeh Born in Israel 1923Died in Jerusalem 1975 Dr. Aryeh Yaros was the youngest of the generation of psychiatrists that lay the ground for the modern psychiatry in Israel. With this generation he worked to build a professional bridge between the tradition of psychiatry in Europe and this developed in the West and in israel. …

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Wulff, Dr. Mosche

Wulff, Dr. Mosche Born in Odessa in 1878Immegrated to Palestine in 1933Died in Tel Aviv in 1971  Ruth Jaffe on Moshe WoolfRead More International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis | 2005 | Kloocke, Ruth WULFF, MOSCHE (WOOLF, MOSHE) (1878-1971) Mosche Wulff (or Moshe Woolf), a physician and teacher, was born on May 10, 1878, in Odessa, Russia, and died in …

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Wangh, Dr. Martin

Wangh, Dr. Martin Born in Leipzig 1911Died 2009 Lived and worked in Israel 1981-2000 Was the initiator and leading force behind the exteblishment of the Sigmund Freud Chair and the Sigmund Freud Center at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem WANGH–Martin, M.D., October 4, 2009, age 97. Martin was past secretary of the New York Psychoanalytic …

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Tadmor, Dr. Gad

Tadmor, Dr. Gad Gad Tadmor Born in Ukraine in 1921 Immigrated with his family to Palestine in 1923 Died in 1991   The family lived in Lod, latter moved to Petack Tikva and to Tel Aviv. During the British Mandate Gad served in the Police (Gafir unit) and in Ein Hamifratz. He studied in Tachkemoni …

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Sternberg, Dr. Tamara

Sternberg, Dr. Tamara Born 1934Died 1994 .Obituary including her farewell letter Read More    Love and Hate in Supervision GroupsTamara Sternberg Defence Mechanisms and the Working Through of Resistances in Group TherapyTamara Sternberg Group Analysis, December 1982; vol. 15, 3: pp. 261-277.

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