Nagler, Prof. Samuel

Shmuel Nagler was an educator, psychologist and psychoanalyst. He was one of the most influential figures in the Israel Psychoanalytic Society, as well as in the Health system.  He was involved in the educational system since 1987 until his death. His life work consisted of educational work, treatment and supervision in analysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. He established several Mental Health clinics and academic faculties of education in Universities at the Hebrew University of  Jerusalem and Haifa University. He chaired the Israeli group of researchers of the national Institute for Mental Health.
Two main characteristics colors his work life: a deep ideological commitment together with a constant self critical stance toward his beliefs, and a deep belief in analytic education and its application in all the diverse educational, and theoretical work.
The book of his collected works (in Hebrew), reflect a special period of the development of the Israeli education system at the onset of the country, especially in the Kibbutz education movement.
A special place in this volume has been given to papers dealing with the practical and theoretical aspects of psychoanalytic education. Another area are the beliefs and controversies that were part of the discussion about the Kibbutz education from the beginning until the eighties.

Nagler, S., (1963). Clinical observations on kibbutz children. Isr. Ann. Psychiatry & Rel. Disc., 1:201