The past is never dead, it’s not even past (W. Faulkner)

And thou shalt tell thy son that day (Exodus, 13:8)

The history of the psychoanalytic society in Palestine and later in Israel is rich and diverse. It lives in us whether we are aware of it or not. This history shapes the present which determines the future. It is our responsibility to evaluate, preserve and transmit the knowledge of the past.

The aim of this page is to bring to life moments and individuals that built our society in the last 80 years.

The society was started by a small group of refugees/pioneers who found here, in Palestine-Eretz Israel, a haven from the shaking ground of Europe. Some came out of choice, some because they lacked other choices. They arrived in an unknown country, scantly populated, ruled by a British Mandate, in the shadow of war, unrest and pogroms. Under extremely difficult conditions, and far from the European hub of developments, connected only by mail and rare travel, they succeeded to develop a viable psychoanalytic society and institute which have had a remarkable influence on education, mental health and culture.

From a society of 5 members, ("Chevra Psychoanalytic Be’Israel" (CPI) that after 40 years had only 41 members, we are today a society with 249 members and 103 candidates. It is one of the societies in which the ratio of psychoanalysts to the population is among the highest.

The documents in this site aim to provide milestones in time that trace the development of the society from its inception to the present, 2015.

Today, apart from its size, the Israel Psychoanalytic Society is characterized by intensive scientific activity. It boasts numerous study groups, some focused on particular psychoanalytic schools, and the many papers and books that our members translate and write. The society has an international reputation. Our members take part in many worldwide psychoanalytic activities, and in the organizational life of the psychoanalytic movement.

This site is not intended to serve as the archives of the society. Instead, you can find documents pertaining to various developmental phases of the society, dated 10, 50, 75 and 80 years following its inception. Snapshots taken at these point in time. You will also find a chronology of the society and statistics of its growth.

Edited by Mira Erlich-Ginor

1. The 10 First years of the CPI, 1943
Chevra Psychoanalytith b'Israel

a. Margaet Brandt: The 10 First Years
b.Moshe Wulff: Obituary of Max Eitingon

2. The 30th  IPA Congress in Jerusalem, 1977
a. Opening note, Rafael Moses
b. Opening note, Erich Gumbel

3. The 50th Anniversary, 1983
 Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences,ed. D. Hertz

a. Adam Limentani: A Message from the President of the International
Psychoanalytic Association on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Israeli Society 
b. Dan Hertz: Pioneers and Psychoanalysis: Beginning of Psychoanalytic Movement in Eretz Israel
c. James Mann: Retrospect and Prospect: from the mid 50's to the late 80's

4. Erich Gumbel: On My Life with Psychoanalysis
5. Rafael Moses: A Short History of Psychoanalysis in Palestine      and Israel, 1998

6. Shmuel Erlich: A Letter from Jerusalem, 2010

7. The 80th Anniverary, 2014

8. Chroncile and Statistics

9. Pictures Gallery